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UMD-787 Alone With My Longing Female Boss

Video Description:

She's normally a strict boss, but when you get her undressed, she's just like any other slut... desperate for dick by instinct. All alone together with her employee she can't help but notice the sexual energy between the two of them. On a business trip, after a little liquor, she flopped over and her skirt flipped up to reveal she wasn't wearing panties! It looks like she U*********sly took them off! Alone with her before a health screening, the employee can't help but notice she isn't wearing a bra. Later, on another business trip, a booking error meant they had to share a room; when their work is finished they share a glass and get cozy: she loves getting close to her employees any chance she gets.

Maikawa Sena , Shinkawa Aina , Yamamoto Shuri
Added On
13 Jul 2021