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EBOD-840 172cm Tall Beauty But Natural Fluffy Personality

Video Description:

This tall girl is beautiful and has a hot body, unlike any other Japanese girl I've ever seen. At first glance, she seems like a cool customer, but she's got a airy, natural airhead personality! And she's the sensual type who will immediately cum! This college girl is full of contrasts like that, and now she's making her exclusive E-BODY adult video debut! "The thing is, I cum immediately." This innocent girl is fucking on camera for the first time, and showing us her bewitching charm. When she gets furiously pumped, she immediately begins writhing and moaning in full-body ecstasy, and when she experiences pleasure she delightfully squirts a massive golden shower of joy from between her long legs, and twitches and trembles with orgasmic satisfaction! She's a sexual genius!

Isshiki Ayaha
Added On
10 Jul 2021