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EBOD-836 I'm A Shy Person And I'm Not Good At Talking

Video Description:

She's shy and uncomfortable speaking to others, and uneasy when trying to express herself, but she has supreme confidence in her tits. This barely legal babe wanted to become an adult video actress, and came all the way from Shizuoka to Tokyo to cum to this adult video actress job interview. She had a beautiful hourglass figure and a weightiness to her nipples that made her big tits unique and unparalleled. We nailed down a massive contract, and when we filmed her for this video, when we witnessed the pleasure that she experienced, how she expressed herself, we realized why it was that she wanted to perform in adult videos. She was a once-in-10-years talent, with brilliant titties, exposing herself nude for the first time, fucking on camera for the first time. This is a treasure that we must appreciate.

Kisaki Alice
Added On
10 Jul 2021