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MIAA-466 Karen Kaede Decided To Practice SEX

Video Description:

Karen Yuzuriha from the OPPAI roster is making a special appearance in this massive hit young adult love story! I'm a cherry boy, and I just got my first girlfriend ... but I don't know how to date a girl! When in doubt, I need to ask my C***dhood friend Karen what to do! And then ... "Well first of all, maybe you should let me pop your cherry boy cherry?" What an unexpected offer! I don't want my new girlfriend to know that I'm a cherry boy, and since I don't know how to have sex, we decided to start training! And then, after getting a blowjob, giving her cunnilingus, and practicing my creampie game with her, I finally realized the truth ... I ... I'm in love with Karen!

Yuzuriha Karen
Added On
09 Jul 2021