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MEYD-690 At Midnight When There Are No Customers

Video Description:

(Calling all Japanese men! Here's how you raise your hourly pay with adultery!!) Lisa Dan is a married woman whose husband is a convenience store manager, and she works part-time at the store too. She's the number two ranking employee after the manager, and she's using her status to take some secret advantages ... In other words, she's making sexual demands during business hours to get her slut on, and baiting the other employees with the promise of raising their pay! Her titties are peeking out of her uniform, luring the male employees to temptation. The pay system requires a high number of ejaculations, with your pay increasing in accordance with how much pleasure you provide her! She's weaponizing her H-cup titties to get cumtastic enjoyment until she drains their balls dry!

Dan Rinsa
Added On
09 Jul 2021