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SSIS-113 H Cup Megumi Gravure Yasui Kaoru Eros Awakening

Video Description:

First massive wetting & squirting, now out! Gravure idol Kaoru Yasui awakens at last to her innate eroticism in her first ever near-fainting experience! Watch her go wild from record-breakingly intense orgasms, how her lavish body and huge H cup jugs bounce and rock as she cums and squirts over and over, how her whole body flushes and her mind goes blank as she explodes with agonizing orgasms! She cums and cums and cums, "Oh no, it's coming out... It's coming out again..." And, driven insane by pleasure, she sprays it all out as the camera captures the moment a gravure idol awakens to her slut side. Enjoy this celebrity's sexual trance movie, packed with three nonstop penetration scenes!

Yasui Kaoru
Added On
03 Jul 2021