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JJDA-019 Chitose Yura, A Gentle And Gentle Housewife

Video Description:

A couple lives in the city, and one day the husband's nephew comes from the countryside to stay at their house and take his college entrance exams. The couple was more than happy to take in the younger man, who wanted to stay there while he prepared for his test. The wife's name is Chitose, a big titty housewife who loves taking care of others and has a hard time saying no. Her virgin nephew-in-law, in the prime of his sexual awakening and completely enamored with his city-living aunt-in-law's big tits, stares at her with uncontrollable lust. A few days after he arrives, the two engage in cherry-popping sex while her husband is out of the house!

Yurai Chitose (Saegusa Chitose)
Added On
27 Jun 2021