We've updated the look and features

The third version of Javtiful has come with a fresh new look, and also we have added some new features.

After more than 4 years we run our site with the previous look and it seems that our users are also tired of that look XD,
so we decided to develop our new look to be fresher and more comfortable for our users.

This update is not just about the look, we also added some new Features and Pages for our users. see what the changes are below.

New Features:
- Users can now create multiple Playlists, and they can also make their playlists public or private.
- Users can now favorite actresses and channels.

- Playlists page: since our users can create multiple Playlists and set them to Public, their Playlists can now be viewed on this page by other users.
- New Page on User profile:
  1. Favorite Actresses and Channels: this allows users to view their favorite actresses and channels on their profile page.
  2. Feeds: this allows users to see the latest videos from their favorite actresses or channels on their profile page.

If you find anything missing or you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to let us know by commenting below.
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Is there any issue with the player? All of the videos are not playing for me despite my internet working properly on other sites.

Same here. Videos are not playing for me. The videos play on my other devices but not on my current device.

the problem has been fixed, please try again

English sub is NEEDED... :D For research purpose...

why do people have to watch subs instead of seeing beautiful boobs on the screen :D

Please ready 1080p on download tab
I purchased premium. But only 720p

Our 720p quality is almost the same as 1080p. just compare it to other sites with their 1080p quality.

Please ready 360p on download tab

Would be great if you add "user submission" feature as well as let the members upload the movies, if they have it. It'd help grow the collection on this website in a short time.

we are not a video hosting site that allows our users to upload their own videos.

This new view so bad cannot playing the video the ads cannot close.

show me video demo, we will try to fix it.

sex is good but can we find a decent jav and what api u using

you can find uncensored videos at this page.

New video Mother

we currently have 1290+ videos with the keyword "mother" found on our site.
and we will be adding new videos related to that keyword in future uploads.

please do not spam the word or we will restrict your account from commenting in the future.

How to download video, this new feature?

Only premium memberships can download videos.

When I click on my playlists, it says 404 not found. On mobile and desktop

send me the url you are trying to access

Por que sacaron el listado de actrices

can we have an option to not autoplay when scrolling through the list?

we will add this option soon.

Bug video


can you please create a ticket and tell us more details about the issue?
we will try to fix this as soon as possible


Why is the screen so small and can't be enlarged?

Please create a ticket and send us a screenshot

yes i cant

There must be the way to see my liked video and playlist.

you can see your playlist on your profile.

whole screen does not fit unless watch on full screen

please send me a screenshot

Around 1 month ago, I download your clip easy with IDM. Now I cannot do that any more. Your download on screen not working good.
Can you go back like before?

i can download normally with idm

please create a ticket and let us know more details about your issue.

My view old version better than new

thank you for your feedback

Please give download option without buy premium

I can't purchase premium. There's no option for me to buy it.

fixed, please try again.

We are currently investigating the issue of the ad close button not being clickable.
We will let you know as soon as we fix this issue.


@fjadmin. I also experiencing the same problem. I cant close the ad.

we've fixed this issue, please try again

I can't close the ad on the video

can you send me a demo via video?

because I never got a report from my users that the ad close button can't be closed before
we would appreciate it if you sent it and we will fix it as soon as possible

Once you have created a video demo, you can upload it via the shared link

please create a ticket via this link

we've fixed this issue, please try again

Good to see an update but if possible could you please make the preview videos/thumbnails much larger like the older version.Right now the thumbnails is small and lot of wasted blank spaces on the sides.

we will add an option to configure the video thumbnail size soon.

yeah, please make the thumbnail is larger for mobile like your previous version.

thank you

I miss dark mode

Our dark mode is still available.

you can try to navigate to the menu by clicking humberger button on the left top, then you can see that there is a dark mode toggle that you can enbale/disable dark mode on this site.

thank you

Can i upgrade to premium member without credit card, just debit or transfer bank??

yes, you can pay with debit card.

just make sure your debit card support for international pay

previous version looks easier

thanks for your feedback.

Can you tell us about your experience with the current version that gave you trouble?

You can create a ticket to give us more information.
Thank you.

top bar is too thick, cant see the whole video unless view in fullscreen

please check your inbox.

I hope you can help by giving us details about the problem that happened to you

Need habituation

Oh no, it's great. And so sorry admin

can i know the reason why you don't like our new version ?

Sr. But i don't like