Does streaming using our server load quickly?

Hello guys, i have one question and need your feedback to make us more great for service JAV streaming for you. the question is:
Does streaming using our server is load quickly?

please leave your feedback by comment on below
thanks :)

can you give me the link of video you watched?, just send it to inbox. thank you
pretty smooth for me, scarcely pause.
I feel happy to know :)
most fast, but some slow, maybe bcause the servers are not same
yup.. there are still many videos that we haven't yet transferred to the new server and we still process to move to our new server, but new videos have been presented with our own server
sometimes slow, sometimes even fast, maybe because of the internet connection anyway
Its even becoming more slower broo, i cant catch it with my own speed. The past website is good, please manage the amount of ads and the placement, dont forget abt the pop up ads that really really wasting time. Please fix thank you
Oh and btw where is your mirror website things (like etc) it seems that im starting to use it
thanks for your feedback :)
send me the link of video that slow to load
please upload more old videos bro, 2016 backwards
yeah, I'm still looking for old videos and will upload soon
So good
sometimes slow, maybe because of the internet connection anyway
Why now format video is TS file? i like the previous format like mp4... Please back to the previous, i can choose many quality sometime 480p, 720p maybe 1080p.. Thanks
Slower than a snail
send me the link of video you watched
Video load failed
if you found any video that fail to load, just report by clicking 'Report' button under video player
i will check and fix asap
All video load failed
check your inbox and please reply me what I'm asking, because on our side, video can be played normally
Video cannot be loaded, cannot be watched, always stuck and cannot be downloaded
It very very slow
It's my favorite
If you have problems when streaming with our server such as: slow buffering or failed to load, try using VPN, some ISPs may block or limit connection to our server
very slow